Banking Commissions: Learn To Fight Them

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The objective of Nothario is for the user to take control of their financial information and know how to get the best prices or negotiate the retrocession of these charges.

Another year, from Nothario we present our “Nothario Study on bank commissions”, a very illustrative summary based on the actual commissions charged to online banking users in the third quarter of 2014. The Nothario Study reflects that 65% of the Users were charged some type of commission in this period , among which management and credit card, loans and securities.


Average expenditure is € 21

Average expenditure is € 21

According to our report, the average expenditure on commissions during the quarter was € 21 , while 20% of users paid commissions for more than € 52.

Of the large banking entities, the one that charges the most commissions is La Coisa, and the ones that less Sanbuan and Rose. Save Direct and EGO Bank also appear in the report among the entities that have charged the least fees to their electronic banking customers in the third quarter of 2014.

Thus, while La Coisa had charged commissions to 78% of its clients in the period, in the case of Sanbuan and Rose that figure is, in both cases less than 40%. In this statistic it is worth highlighting the data of EGO Bank, which had only charged commissions to 5% of its customers.

It should be noted that less than 10% of users were commissioned back , with the average of these retrocessions being € 60 This practice is widespread, especially in the old savings banks, among which they have stood out, during the third 2014 quarter, Bankia, Kutxabank and Liberbank. In all three cases, recessions represent more than 15% of the total commissions charged to customers.


And what to do in this situation?

And what to do in this situation?

We strongly recommend the use of Nothario. The app allows the user to see how much he has paid in commissions so far this year so that the user can, in addition to making the most of his money, have sufficient margin to negotiate with his entity the retrocession of any specific commission as maintenance of cards or management; In addition to always alerting you with alerts when such charges have occurred in any of your bank accounts. Now you can relax in peace?

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