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Debt rescheduling credit without involving credit bureau is unfortunately not quite as easy as the advertising promises.

We want you to successfully implement your debt restructuring. For this we name the real offers without credit bureau and point out alternatives despite credit bureau. – Because, without rescheduling debt, it only makes sense if a negative credit bureau entry has not yet been marked as done.

Debt rescheduling without credit bureau – foreign credit for Germans

Debt rescheduling without credit bureau - foreign credit for Germans

Debt rescheduling credit without credit bureau only looks very easy in advertising. Incredible loan amounts flutter through the advertising slogans as half-rates if debt is to be rescheduled without credit bureau. In reality, as far as our research shows, only one bank has to grant admission to Germans without a credit bureau installment loan. Legal, reputable installment loan is granted by the Sigma credit bank from Liechtenstein.

However, the two optional loan offers are only suitable for comprehensive debt restructuring to a limited extent. A small loan of $ 3,500 or $ 5,000 is offered. The creditworthiness of the loan is checked without involving credit bureau. The bank does not report approved small loans to credit bureau, provided the repayment is made properly.

As of May 2016, debt rescheduling without credit bureau is only possible for these two loan amounts. However, the bank is planning a new loan option for a net loan of $ 7,500. This would give greater scope. Unfortunately, only the net loan amount and the term are currently known. Just like with the current loan models, the new loan is to be repaid in 40 equal installments.

Debt-free credit for debt restructuring – an advertising invention

Debt-free credit for debt restructuring - an advertising invention

We recommend people who are interested in credit bureau-free loans to quickly forget everything that the advertising seems to promise. In contrast to a loan despite credit bureau, credit bureau is excluded from the credit check and the further procedure for foreign loans. Personal creditworthiness is checked using receipts and an inquiry to the public debtor register.

Debt rescheduling without credit bureau is possible via the small loan for employees subject to social security contributions if they are employed indefinitely and without notice. A minimum of 12 months of employment outside the trial period is required for a credit of $ 3,500 and 36 months for a credit of $ 5,000. There must also be no entry in the debtor register of the local court.

The net labor income must show a sufficiently high attachable portion for lending. For the smaller loan amount, around 100 USD of attachable income portion should be demonstrable. The level of income in an individual case is determined by the number of dependents. Unfortunately, credit requests in the case of seizure of wages or existing transfer of income are excluded.


The debt rescheduling shows existing pre-debts. Old debts are permitted for lending without credit bureau, but only if they are proportionate to income. Debt rescheduling without credit bureau does not take place via a special debt rescheduling loan. The loan is paid free to the salary account.

Since it cannot be seen that old debts are actually being paid off, existing liabilities can become a problem. We recommend naming the debt rescheduling when you make the application so that there are no problems.

Debt restructuring despite credit bureau – differences

Debt restructuring despite credit bureau - differences

“Despite credit bureau” means that the credit provider may view credit bureau and will later report a loan granted to credit bureau. A common requirement for debt restructuring despite credit bureau would be that the registered debt bears the settlement note. Depending on the provider, it is expected that the debt has been paid for 6 months.

Otherwise, very similar requirements apply to debt restructuring despite credit bureau, as for the loan without credit bureau.BUT, borrowers expect significantly different loan terms. First, the effective interest rate, which is expected to be around 10 percent in both cases. Nevertheless, German providers do not determine in advance how long the term may be and how much credit is granted.

Despite credit bureau, there are much better conditions for effective debt restructuring than existing debt rescheduling without involving credit bureau. In any case, given the interest rates, a non-profit debt counselor should be involved in the process. He can judge neutrally whether the debt rescheduling actually pays off or whether the debt carousel is just turning faster.


Please only ask for non-profit debt advice centers. You are guaranteed to work for free and professionally. It is imperative to warn of similarly sounding offers through intermediaries.

Serious offers for debt restructuring despite credit bureau

Serious offers for debt restructuring despite credit bureau

Debt rescheduling credit despite credit bureau or without credit bureau calls credit brokers on the scene. Unfortunately, it is not easy for intermediaries with negative credit bureau credit ratings to name a suitable offer. Some go astray and use credit advertising to gain customers without actually providing credit. Everyone knows cases from the media: loan applied for – insurance taken out.

We do not recommend following windy advertisements, but relying on reputable agents. Serious credit options are offered by Lender bank and Best bank. Both mediators have been “scandal-free” for years. When using Best bank, the access requirements are somewhat more moderate. Debt rescheduling without credit bureau is not possible, but despite credit bureau, private investors can grant the debt rescheduling loan.

We recommend Lender bank for your loan application for debt rescheduling despite credit bureau. Lender bank offers access to both bank loans for debt rescheduling and private loans.

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