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Eicredit is a German representative of payday loans (and now also installment loans) on our market, the company based in Hamburg is known for its great understanding and availability of quick cash for customers, Eicredit boasts that over 96% of customers recommend their services, as well as service quality is estimated at almost 9 points out of 10 possible.

Cash advance lenders only: Request a loan in Minutes 

Thanks to, we may apply for a payday loan direct lender and we will get to the account within 10 minutes, and decisions are made hours a day. The application procedure is also very quick and simple. We only need a few minutes to complete the formalities for submitting a loan application. An interesting feature is the possibility of becoming a VIP customer, to be able to receive a loan of PLN 3,000 from the beginning and take advantage of attractive discounts by registering for a framework loan agreement and sending it by post to the address provided. Liking the Facebook profile also gives us additional points to verify our ability. An important aspect of payday loans is that we devote them to any purpose and no one asks us embarrassing questions, we can allocate money to renovate the apartment, repair the car or send a child to summer camps.

Eicredit – abbreviation for the offer

APRC for payday payable of PLN 3,000 for 30 days. Everyone who is at least 18 years old can apply for a quick loan. Eicredit has not introduced an upper age limit, at least this is not an official criterion, but it can be expected that people at a very advanced age will not receive payday pay. We note, however, that people over 70 are the best target group, although their incomes are low, retirement is the surest income and for payday loans with low amounts sufficient for such a person to have creditworthiness. Eicredit is one of the few loan companies that go beyond the internet with marketing, Eicredit ads can also be heard on television and radio stations. The main character in them is a flying robot paying out cash.

Registration with Eicredit step by step

The registration form at Eicredit is very simple. We can also fill it in by logging in through our account on the facebook social profile. Check how to take a loan at Eicredit on the video below. We recommend logging in via Facebook, as this increases your chances of getting a loan!

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