Project to create a restaurant and bar at the Thurso guest house


An offer is underway to create a restaurant, a bar and a reception hall in a guest house in Thurso. The proposal comes from Mr. and Mrs. L and Mr. Lynch who run the business in the former Thurso Club building on Janet Street.

They requested a partial change in the use of the premises to integrate the facilities, which includes the installation of an external staircase, a flue and signage. Three additional guest rooms would also be created as part of the plan.

The couple bought the building when it was put on the market a few years ago and operated it as a guesthouse, but now want to expand the business to include a restaurant, bar and banquet hall. which would be open to the public and not just residents.

Thurso could have a new restaurant and bar if a planning request is accepted. Photo: Alan Hendry

The request is before the Highland Council and is said to be “under consideration”. Development officers are Knight McDonald Architects, Thurso.

It is understood that a decision on the plan could be made by the end of the year.

According to documents filed with the local authority, the proposed development would include “a variety of common areas on the ground floor, including a dining room, lounge, lounge bar, restroom and lobby. It would also include two bedrooms.

The first and second floors would have en-suite bedrooms. “

The building was used as a private club with function rooms and several bars. It became a club in the 1950s and traded until it was sold in 2018.

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