Walkthrough: Credit Release and Use of Letter After Contemplation

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The consortium is one of the most cost effective ways to hire purchase goods and services. It is a financial modality that allows to achieve objectives in a planned way, with payment in installments and without charging interest. Another important advantage is que When Contemplated, you can pay cash for the good or service, Which Enables better trading.

We can already anticipate that there are 2 ways to be contemplated: being drawn in the monthly meetings held by the administrator or bidding. And indeed, contemplation is the most awaited moment for the consortium members. But did you know That after this achievement is still Necessary to go through an analysis process for the release of credit? Check out it all works how!


What to do after contemplation?

What to do after contemplation?

After each monthly meeting, the consortium administrator informs who were the consortium members contemplated by lot and bid. These recipients, in turn, shouldnt tell the company how the letter of credit will be used (for the purchase of a property, a car, or hiring service, for example), always specifying the unit or model in question.

By now you can gather the documentation you need to proceed with the assessment and release of credit – the listing can usually be found on the administrator’s website. The idea is que These documents guarantee the Legal certainty of the operation.

Upon receipt of your documentation, the administrator reviews the material and, if necessary, already requests additional or more up-to-date information. With everything properly verified and approved, the process analyst will contact you (by phone or email) to inform about the completion of the action.


What documents should be sent?

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To make all this clearer, understand now why some documents are required!

Warranty Presentation

You are likely to be contemplated before the consortium ends – especially if you can make a good bid. Whatever the case may be, remember that you must continue to pay your installments normally until the end of the monthly payments! After all, you have to honor the commitment made to the other consortium members.

Precisely to try to avoid the abandonment of the consortium by the recipient, the administrator may require a guarantee, which almost always involves the submission of a guarantor. This guarantor must not be under 18 or over 65, nor should he or she be the spouse of the holder. It Is Also Necessary that the guarantor does not have any type of credit restriction – such as the name entered in the Serasa or SPC underpayment list.


Proof of Income

Proof of Income

Proof of income is Often another requirement of the trustee to release the letter of credit – Especially When few portions of the consortium have already been settled at the time of contemplation. As a rule, you need to file the current income tax return, whether individual or corporate, if applicable.

In addition, CLT workers need to present paychecks from the last 3 months of work. Self-employed or freelance professionals can provide alternative evidence such as last quarter bank statement. Withdraw, on turn, must submit a copy of the benefit card or statement of receipt of social security earnings (private or public) from the last month.


Are there differences for each type of consortium?

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Like other forms of purchase, each segment consortium requires a set of specific documents. Documentation may vary, therefore, whether you are a real estate, automobile or service consortium member. Even so, some applications are general, such as the signed registration form, the copy of a photo ID (ID, CNH or Work Card), CPF or CNPJ and an updated proof of residence (electricity or water bills, for example). example).

To understand why certain documents are required for each type of consortium, follow at least the most common cases, for car and real estate consortia!




First of all, it is necessary to list the data concerning the car, the motorcycle or the truck in question. This means distinguishing year of manufacture, make, model and, in the case of used vehicles, the chassis number for evaluation. In transactions with private sellers, the presentation of the Single Transfer Document (DUT) is still required.

In addition to the documents already mentioned, it is necessary to send to the administrator the original invoice, signed promissory note and a fiduciary agreement with a notarized signature. Check how your administrator agrees to receive each document: can files be sent via email, for example, to speed up the procedure?



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Documentation for real estate consortia is a bit more extensive. In case this, you must present negative certificates proving que the property in transaction is not affected by any tax, civil or labor lawsuit. It is still Necessary to present the private instrument with the strength of public deed, the updated registration of the property, certificate of venal value and negative certificate of taxes issued by the city.

In the case of consortium for construction, the descriptive memorial and the schedule of the work are required. For renovations, the license and the plant are also valid, as long as approved by the city.

Once you have all the documentation approved, you can now access the good! To do so, consult the company about the payment process. Remember That She Will Responsible be for process this, so That You finally buy your property, buy your vehicle or hire the Desired service.

And attention: the list may be long, but it is no reason to scare! After all, this is a necessary step to maintain the legal certainty of the entire process, benefiting both the consortium member, the administrator and the other consortium participants.

If you have any Difficulties, you can ask the administrator to appoint the company to Provide documentary advice. Thus, the outsourced is Responsible for guiding the Contemplated at the time of organization and validation of documents, towards the long awaited release of credit!

Finally, be sure to visit the online store of Rodobens Consortium to check offers and make simulations, calculating the best installment deadlines and values, all According to your needs and your ability to pay!

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